Thursday, December 29, 2005

Answer for a doubt whether Sri Ramanuja'was involved directly in the Tirumala Temple affairs.

Before writing this novel, I had gone through some research books from Andhra University on Sri Ramanuja’s visit in this region of Andhra-Orissa (on his controversial stay at Puri Jagannath temple and his ‘difference of opinion’ on system of worshipping of deity which eventually led to a threat of attack from ‘Panda’s of Puri Jagannath temple, his sway over Simhachalam (Vizag) temple etc). The Guruparambara Vaibhavam says that the controversy between Sri Ramanuja and Panda’s of Puri was severe and the Lord Himself had to rescue Ramanuja and shifted overnight to Sri Kurmam Temple in Srikakulam district of North Eastern Andhra Pradesh. Some research papers says that, (ref. Prof. P. Sundaram of ‘Simhachalam Temple’ book) even at Simhachalam (Varaha Narasimha Swamy) the Lord was actually Siva Lingam but Sri Ramanuja converted Him as Archamurthi of Narasimha – then suddenly blood started coming out of Moorthi – so Ramanuja covered the Moorthi with sandal paste. Even now the Moola Moorthi looks like ‘Siva Lingam’ due to coverage of sandal paste and once in a year (during Vaikaasi) the sandal cover being replaced with fresh one, and the ‘Nijaswaroopam’ of Archa Moorthi dharsan offered to devotees.

An interesting folk ‘story’ in this area about this incident used to be said. While Ramanuja was said to be ‘adamant’ that the Simhachalam shrine belong to vaishnavites, the saivites argued with him to prove that deity is Vishnu. And as usual Vibhuti and Tulasi were placed on the foot of Lord in the night and next day the Lord was seen wearing Tulasi Mala only. This was possible because Ramanuja was an avatar of Adhisesha, he changed himself as snake during that particular night and entered into the locked Moolasthanam and made the offering of Tulasi Mala. These are all just stories. (One of my guides commented about this story that if you believe the theory that Ramanuja could enter as snake, you can very well accept that he is form of God Himself and whatever he said also). Ramanuja’s stint in Karnataka too was the source of several folk stories. The hardcore people still believe that Ramanuja did convert lot of Siva temples in to Vaishnav temples in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh.

But whatever may be. I have taken only POSITIVE things of incidents in Sri Ramanuja’s life. His approach towards caste, his approach towards his own sishyas, his true intention of offering of ‘ashtakshara mantra’ to every human being, his deep faith on Nammazhwar theory and his doctrine on Srivaishnavism. Above all, for a real meaning of ‘Srivaishnavite’ (Vaishnava janato song) for which I gave in my mind some sort of ‘Uruvagam” and that was Sri Ramanuja. That’s all.

Coming to my novel, why Sri Ramanuja was not involved in the final moment of actions was very simple. We do not believe GOD wholeheartedly or one hundred percent. A wise human being always feel that he/she is the sole responsible for his/her actions and reactions (as per Gita) and they will pray GOD to help to realize. But Ramanuja as a highly rated personality and Mahaatma, has fully believed GOD (like Prahalaatha) that He will prove Himself and left to God that proving Himself is His job).